To order OA Conference-approved books, pamphlets, Lifeline magazine, digital downloads and audio-recordings visit OA World Service Office bookstore.

Some items can also be purchased from:- 
– Queensland OA Intergroup directly by contacting
Amazon Kindle
– Barnes  & Noble
– Apple Books

Podcasts and Videos

Watch and listen to interviews, workshops and meetings at including young people’s podcasts.

Young People in OA

The website provides support and information to young people about OA young people’s meetings, personal stories, contacts, resources and special events

Men in OA

The website is dedicated to distributing information about meetings, resources, and support for men in OA.

Links to OA in Australia

Visit face-to-face and online meetings Australia-wide.  You will always be welcome.

Links to OA worldwide

Overeaters Anonymous World Service Office (WSO):
WSO provides worldwide OA meeting directories, a print and online magazine and quarterly newsletter, a website, public information activities, World Service Conferences and Conventions, and more than 150 literature and recovery-related items.

Region 10:
OA Region 10 consists of meetings and intergroups in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, South Korea, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Virtual OA

OA Virtual Region:
The Virtual Region supports virtual meetings and virtual service bodies of OA worldwide.