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Upcoming Queensland Intergroup events

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Queensland Intergroup meeting

When there are several OA groups in one area, they may decide to form an Intergroup to work together e.g. to maintain a Queensland-wide meetings list, organise special events, purchase state-wide public liability insurance. Queensland Intergroup (Qld IG) is responsible to OA groups in Queensland.

All welcome
1st Saturday of each month
(excluding January)

Please join us on Zoom

Meeting ID: 868 7099 7009
Passcode: 012938

To contact Queensland Intergroup or to request an item be added to the monthly agenda, email oaqldsecretary@gmail.com

OA World Service Office events calendar

Visit conventions, workshops, special events, Zoom training offered worldwide.  You will always be welcome.

World Service Business Conference (WSBC)

WSBC is the annual business meeting of Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. WSBC serves as the collective conscience of the Fellowship of Overeaters Anonymous.

25 April – 29 April 2023
Albequeque, USA
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Special days on the OA calendar

OA’s birthday: January
OA’s first meeting was held in Los Angeles, California 19 January, 1960.
Each year we celebrate OA’s birthday the 3rd Saturday of January.

Unity Day: February
Unity Day reminds us of the connection of all members and groups of OA to one another. We celebrate Unity Day the last Saturday in February in even years and the last Sunday in February in odd years 11:30a.m. local time. All members of OA are encouraged to take a moment of silence to express their gratitude for the OA Program.

International Day of Experiencing Abstinence – IDEA Day: November
Members of OA worldwide observe IDEA Day the 3rd Saturday in November. IDEA Day was created to encourage members, especially newcomers, to reaffirm or begin their abstinence from compulsive eating.

Twelth Step Within Day: December
December 12 (12/12) is a prompt to encourage OA service boards, meetings and individual members to reach out to those within the Fellowship who are still suffering from compulsive eating behaviours.