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Below is a list of email addresses for all our Intergroup Service Members: (N.B. Please copy and paste from this page into your email)

  • Queensland Intergroup Chair:
  • Queensland Intergroup Secretary:
  • QI Treasurer:

Below are service positions for the OA Queensland Intergroup

  • QI Literature Co-ordinator:
  • QI Meeting List Co-ordinator:
  • QI Group support:
  • QI
    QI Webmaster updates QI website only. 
    To update your meeting details with World Service Office (WSO) please go to
  • Newsletter Coordinator:
  • General Inquiries:
  • WSBC Delegate:
  • QI Region 10 Representative:
  • QI Region 10
  • Public Information Coordinator

Phone: (07) 3030 3619 for general recorded information, or go to the Meetings tab of this website to contact someone from your local group